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  2. Data Security and Privacy
  3. How Triplo AI deal with Data

How Triplo AI deal with Data

We understand the importance of privacy for our users and want to assure you that we take it seriously. You can find a complete version of our Privacy Terms at https://go.triplo.ai/privacy.
In this document, we will explain how we handle and protect user data in various aspects of our business. To address your privacy concerns, we have outlined the following information:

1 . Marketing and General Communication:

  • On our websites, we use cookies, but you always have the option to decline them.
  • When using our communities on platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, YouTube, Instagram, or other social media forums, you are subject to their respective Privacy Terms.
  • For email communication, we distinguish between Marketing and General Communication purposes. You can choose to opt-out and be removed from our mailing lists for marketing purposes. However, for billing and licensing matters, you will receive official communication via email.

2. Name, Keys, and Licensing Matters

  • We collect certain information, including your name, email address, and IP address, for licensing and access control purposes.
  • We collect information regarding your Operating System type (Win/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS) and CPU architecture type (ARM/x86)
  • A digital fingerprint (hash) of your devices is also collected for licensing control.
  • Please note that none of this information is shared with third-party service providers or partners.

3. Use of the Tool and Operation

  • We do not share, transmit, or store any of your desktop or mobile content on Triplo AI servers unless explicitly requested by you (e.g., for training purposes).
  • Triplo AI does not access any content on your Operating System without a direct command from you, such as copying content beginning with "ooo" or using appropriate triggers on your clipboard or screen.
  • We do not participate in any communication between you and the AI model provider (e.g., Open AI or any other provider in the future).
  • Your prompts are not stored on our servers.
  • Pre-defined prompts (SmartPrompts) and other configurations may be stored on our servers for syncing purposes between devices (e.g., Desktop/Mobile, Desktop/Desktop, Mobile/Mobile).
  • If applicable, your training data is stored on third-party cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, or others, solely for technical purposes. We do not use any of your training data for any other purpose besides serving you.
  • The communication between your devices and Triplo AI, as well as between your devices and third-party providers (such as Open AI), and Triplo AI and its suppliers (such as Google Cloud or AWS), is encrypted using the most advanced encryption standards available.
If you do have any further questions or concerns regarding your privacy please reach out to us either using the support channel on support@triplo.ai

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