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Awareness - Context / Selection / Clip

The Awareness feature in Triplo AI allows users to inject content into their prompts, enhancing the results and enabling AI to work more effectively. This feature is divided into three commands: //context//, //selection//, and //clip//.
Each command serves a unique purpose and offers various use cases to optimize your AI experience.


The Context command is the most powerful command in the Awareness feature. It enables users to provide additional information or knowledge to the AI model, allowing it to generate more accurate and relevant responses. By using the Context command, you can guide the AI to generate content that is not part of its pre-existing training data or knowledge.
Example: Let's say you want to know the unique selling proposition of Triplo AI, but the AI model doesn't have any prior knowledge about it. You can select the relevant information from a web page or document and use the //context// command to provide the necessary context. This will help the AI generate a response based on the information you provided, giving you the desired answer.


The Selection command allows users to inject specific content directly into the prompt. It saves time by eliminating the need to manually copy and paste information. With the //selection//, you can choose the relevant portion of text or data and instruct the AI to perform actions or generate responses based on that selection.
Example: Suppose you have a contract and you want to extract information about legal smartphones. Instead of copying and pasting the entire contract, you can select the specific section mentioning legal smartphones and use the Selection command. This will prompt the AI to perform actions or generate responses related to legal smartphones, saving you time and effort.


The Clip command allows users to access and utilize content that is already present in their clipboard. This command is useful for recycling or reusing previously generated content. By using //clip//, you can leverage the information stored in your clipboard and instruct the AI to perform actions or generate responses based on that content.
Example: Let's say you have summarized a piece of information for a specific audience, and now you want to translate it into Spanish. Instead of manually inputting the summarized content, you can use the Clip command to access the content in your clipboard and instruct the AI to translate it into Spanish. This enables quick and efficient recycling of content for various purposes.
With the Awareness feature and its three commands (Context, Selection, and Clip), users can enhance their AI experience by providing additional context, selecting specific content, and utilizing previously generated information. These commands offer flexibility and efficiency, allowing users to achieve more accurate and tailored results.
Note: The Awareness commands are denoted by double forward slashes (//) in Triplo AI and can be creatively used to maximize the potential of the feature.
Note: On Macs for the awareness features to work you got to have Triplo Ai authorized under Settings > Privacy & Security > Accessibility > Turn on Triplo AI and Settings > Privacy & Security > Automation > Turn on Triplo AI
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