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Managing Devices on your Triplo AI

Introduction to Device Management

We understand the importance of having control over your digital environment. That's why we're excited to introduce our new Device Management feature for all Triplo AI users! Whether you're a License Holder looking to manage your devices or a user wanting to personalize your content sharing preferences, this feature is designed to put you in the driver's seat.

Accessing Device Management

Getting started with Device Management is easy and can be done from any of your activated devices:
  • Open Triplo AI and locate the Settings by clicking on the small gear icon in the top right corner of the interface.
  • Within Settings, find and select the "Devices" option (top right of the settings screen).

Understanding Your Devices

Once you're in the Device Management area, you'll notice two types of devices:
  • ADMIN Device: The first device you activate with your Triplo AI license. This device has the authority to manage the activation of other devices.
  • REGULAR Devices: All other devices activated under your license after the ADMIN device.
On the Device Management screen, you'll see a list of all devices linked to your license.
Each device will be displayed as a card containing key information such as: Description, Operating System, Processor Type, and Triplo AI version.
On ANY Device you'll be able to:
  • Revoke the license from the current device.
  • Toggle switches to control the synchronization of: Custom SmartPrompts, Custom Instructions, Automations and other features to be implemented from now on.
  • Know what device is the ADMIN device for this license.
  • See how many devices are activated on this license.
On the ADMIN Device:
  • All of the above and
  • Power to APPROVE or DENY activation for devices with a "PENDING" status.
  • The ability to REVOKE access for ANY device under the license.
IMPORTANT: Every new device added to your Triplo AI License MUST be reviewed and either authorized or denied by the ADMIN device.

Changing Your ADMIN Device

Need to designate a different device as your ADMIN? Here’s how:
  1. Revoke ALL of the activated devices from your license and only then REACTIVATE FIRST your preferred device as the new ADMIN.
  2. Contact our support team at support@triplo.ai for assistance in resetting your license's device associations.
If you need additional help with your license don't hesitate to contact us at support@triplo.ai or https://support.triplo.ai

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