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Translation and Languages Support

To use Triplo AI's Translation features, follow these steps:
  1. Press "ctrl/opt + space" to bring up the Triplo AI input bar on your screen.
  2. Type the language you want Triplo AI to translate your content into. For example, type "Span" for Spanish or "Fren" for French.
  3. A list of translation suggestions will appear below the input field, similar to SmartPrompts.
  4. Choose the best suggestion for you and press enter. You will see the translation SmartPrompt, such as "toes" for Spanish or "tofr" for French.
  5. Enter the sentence you want to translate and press enter. Triplo AI will generate a contextually accurate translation for you.
  6. The translation will be displayed on your screen. You can then copy and paste it wherever you need it.
Learn more about Triplo AI Translation features on our Youtube Channel
Note: You can use Triplo AI Translations directly on any text field of your computer. Simply use the "ooo" command followed by the translation SmartPrompt (toes, tofr, to...) and the sentence to be translated. For example, typing "ooo toes What an amazing day to launch a new Triplo AI version!" will translate the sentence to Spanish.
Triplo AI's advanced translation capabilities allow you to communicate in over 233 languages and dialects. The translations provided by Triplo AI respect regional variations, ensuring accurate and culturally sensitive results.

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