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Using SmartPrompts

SmartPrompts are pre-defined prompts that help you save time when creating content or gaining insights with AI. You can use SmartPrompts in two ways:
1- Using the Triplo Bar: Simply start typing a word related to what you need, like "blog," "Facebook," "email," or "contract." This will bring up a list of relevant SmartPrompts with descriptions. Choose the one that suits your needs, add your own context or sentence after the SmartPrompt, and press enter. The AI will process your prompt using the SmartPrompts and deliver the results to your screen.
2 - Using the "ooo" method: You can add SmartPrompts immediately after the trigger word "ooo" (which is the default). For example, you could write "ooo fbpost what a nice day to release a new Triplo AI version." This would generate a Facebook post about how great it is to release a new version of Triplo AI. Copy the entire sentence, including "ooo," the SmartPrompt, and your content or sentence. The AI will process your prompt and when the results are ready, you'll hear a "pop" sound. The results will be copied to your clipboard for you to paste and review or reuse.
NOTE: You can find a full list of SmartPrompts with details and examples at https://smartprompts.triplo.ai/


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