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Installation and Activation instructions

To install Triplo AI, please follow these steps:
  1. Sign up for a plan (trial or purchase) at https://triplo.ai.
  2. Download the appropriate installation file from https://downloads.triplo.ai.
  3. Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and accept the terms and conditions if prompted.
  5. After the installation is complete, you will see the Triplo AI icon on your taskbar or system tray.
  6. Click on the Triplo AI icon to open the Triplo AI User Interface.
To activate Triplo AI, follow these steps:
1 - In the top left corner of the user interface, after the Triplo AI logo, click on the small crank icon to open the settings screen.
2 - On the settings screen, top left, locate the Licensing section and the "Triplo AI License Key" field.
3 - Enter the TRIPLO KEY received by email on the "Triplo AI License Key" field and click VALIDATE.
4 - Every Triplo AI user has up to 1.5 Million Mixtral 8x7b 32k or 300.000 GPT 3.5 16k tokens per month/device available for using either on prompting or Training "MINDs" (this second available on some plans).
If you want to access multiple AI models (GPT 3.5 16k, GPT 4 etc) you can enter your own Open AI API KEY of an active OpenAI account on the field "Open AI API Key" and click Validate. If you don't have an OpenAI account/API, you can create one at www.openai.com/api.
You may also use an OpenRouter API key and have access to several different models.
Check how to setup your account here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnrTOe0DBds
After following these steps, Triplo AI should be successfully installed and activated on your system.

Customization options for specific needs

Here are some ways to customize Triplo AI to fit your needs:
  1. Change the Hotkey: You can easily change the key combination that brings up the Triplo Bar on your screen. Just go to the settings section (look for the icon in the top left corner of the Triplo AI interface), then go to the "Shortcuts" section (top right). From there, you can select a different key combination that works best for you.
  2. Adjust the "ooo" Trigger: If you want to change how the "ooo" method is activated, you can do that too. Just go to the settings section (same icon as before), then go to the "Shortcuts" section (top right). You can change the characters used for the trigger, but remember that it must be a repeated triple of the same character (like "///", "zzz", or "|||").
  1. Other Customizations: In the settings section, you'll find switches for additional features and system customizations:
    1. Run at startup: This option allows Triplo AI to start automatically when you turn on your computer.
    2. Awareness Mode: When enabled, Triplo AI can capture content that you select using special prompts like "//context//" or "//selection//".
    3. Listen to Clipboard: By enabling this, Triplo AI can check the contents of your clipboard and get triggered when it detects the specified trigger characters at the beginning of the content. It's important to note that Triplo AI does not monitor or save any clipboard content, and it only reads content with the exact trigger characters followed by a space.
    4. Notification Sound: If you want to be notified when Triplo AI is triggered or returns results, you can enable this option. It will play a sound to let you know.
    5. Copy response to Clipboard: When this option is active, Triplo AI will automatically copy its results to your clipboard for easy access.

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