1. Overview
  2. Using Triplo AI
  3. Triggering Triplo AI

Triggering Triplo AI

On your Desktop you can use Triplo AI in two different ways:
Using the Triplo Bar:
1 - Be sure Triplo AI is installed and running on your device.
2 - Anywhere on your desktop, over any software, hit the Triplo AI shortcut to activate the input bar. The shortcut may vary depending on your device or operating system. For example, on Windows and Linux, you the default key combination is Ctrl + Space. On Macs: Opt + Space.
3 - Once the input bar appears, you can start interacting with Triplo AI by typing your questions or commands (prompt).
4 - Once you hit enter Triplo AI will process your input and provide the information you need or perform the tasks you requested.
5 - The results will be presented on Triplo AI interface.
Using the "ooo" trigger:
On any text field of your computer, with Triplo AI active, you can use the "ooo" to trigger Triplo AI generation. To do so you need to follow these steps:
  • Select and copy a sentence that begins with "ooo".
  • Add a command or prompt after "ooo" to specify what you want from the AI machine. For example, you can ask a question or request information (Ex. "ooo what are the most important attractions to visit in a 3 day trip to Paris?")
  • Copy the sentence with the "ooo" trigger and the prompt.
  • Once copied you'll hear a "pop" sound. This indicates that AI was triggered and your content/insights are being generated.
  • Wait for a few seconds until you hear a new "pop" sound. This means that the response from AI is ready be delivered from your clipboard.
  • Paste and check the results.
Note that "ooo" is just the default trigger. You can replace it with any other triple text or character that suits your preference on the settings.

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