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  3. Managing your Subscription and Refunds

Managing your Subscription and Refunds

You can manage your account by clicking on the link right above the REVOKE button on the Licensing section of Settings as on the image bellow.


There are 2 possible distinct cases that this applies. Here they are:
    1. If you bought a Triplo AI License, not subscription, directly from Triplo AI and it's within the refund window (15 days from the date of purchase), you are eligible for a full refund. To request your refund, please send an email to support@triplo.ai, confirming the email address used for the purchase and providing the receipt number.
    2. If you bought Triplo AI from a third-party vendor (such as a store or marketplace), their refund policy applies to you. To determine if you qualify, please get in touch with the store where you purchased the license or subscription.

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